Ninox Database 应用的评论


You need to understand the rationale behind the design

Once you understand that this app is designed to essentially work the same across Mac and iOS, you’ll see how brilliant the design is. The lack of keyboard shortcuts is suddenly not a shortcoming anymore - an iPad doesn’t have a keyboard. Enabling a developer to design and build an entire database with his fingers is nothing but revolutionary. And the database model is not flat at all - I’m finding that there’s enough relationality for my admittedly simple needs. If you take the time to learn it, it will reward you with a set of apps sharing UI and data right across your Mac, iPhone and iPad. I’ve searched the entire app store and internet world for an app to record my modest coin collection. Ninox gave me a perfect functional fit in two days (most of it ramp-up time). These developers are brilliant. Every time you find the solution after getting impatient, they force you to admit: "yes, you’ve already thought of this." Give Ninox some of your time - it will reward you over and over. I want to add that their customer support is nothing short of astounding. Today I had a query satisfactorily answered in one hour. My advice is: if you think there’s something that Ninox can’t do, just email the support team. Chances are they’ll show you how to in less than a ten line email. Gerhard

The Best Affordable Database Available for Mac

Besides Filemaker (which is just outrageously expensive and not suitable for a personal database) this is the best personal database I’ve found for the Mac. The developer is constantly making updates and keeping this app working smoothly. Their (optional) Cloud service is also reliable and works great and enables a. user to work from different platforms from any browser they may happen to be at (work, home, mac, pc, etc) which is a great feature as well. I am fully invested in this app with iOS, Mac and Cloud versions and I am happy with it all-around. It can take some getting used to, as the documentation is sometimes a little light and leaves it up to the user to discover features or learn from forums but it sounds like this latest update is supposed to make some of that a little more user friendly.


Does what i need it to do

couldn’t be happier in spite of limited documentation

We host a house concert series, and for the first two years I managed all the artist & guest info using Excel. It was all pretty manageable until my tracking spreadsheet reached 400+ rows and 100+ columns, then I began losing sleep about messing up the format and started spending more time in the spreadsheet than I wanted to. I began looking for a *simple* database for my all-Apple environment, and saw a review of Ninox online. It took about an hour to decide to try it, and it’s been a huge time saver for me from day one (as well as letting me do some analytics I’d never have tried with Excel). Startup was simple, importing my data from Excel went smoothly after a little reading and planning, and the database synchs (99%) seamlessly via iCloud across all my devices. The only shortfall is their documentation, which I find myself needing only when I’m creating custom fields or filters, and their tech support team has been incredibly responsive. So beware the limited documentation but in spite of this limitation this is a bulletproof 5-star database.

Very Intuitive

This database is so easy to set up and use. It didn’t take very long to set up and start using. I had a couple of questions and contated Ninox support. They assignmed a rep to me and set up a screen sharing web meeting and answered all my questions and even gave me tips to improve my data storage. Aditionally, I am able to view my database on all my devices. This is a huge benefit in my opinion. Great support and easy to use. I definitely recommend this to any Mac user.

Bento Import Not Working

I have followed the directions per the Ninox website and I get a failure with no explanation. Wating to hear from support.

Save your money

Not worth your time and money as a database product, especially with NO documentation.

Custome Service

Several days ago I sent in a request for assistance and there has not been a response. While the software may have its’ strengths, the company has not shown me any customer service.

Great App so far, cost misleading….

I am an amateur, but the app and app support has been amazing. On the other hand, the cost is misleading. You are charged $35 for the desktop version, giving you the impression that is the only cost (if you plan on using your icloud for storage), but then you find out your on the trial membership and will still pay $10 a month even if you dont want or need a team to have access.

Best FMP alternative I found for the price

This is the best Filemaker Pro alternative I found for Mac (albeit with a fraction of the capabilites of FMP) at a fraction of the price! The minimal online manual and short video tutorials are a joke, but if you’re a bit intuitive and spend some time in the User Forums you might be able to make some useful databases with this app. Be aware that there’s probably a lot of trial-by-error in your future if you purchase this app. You get what you pay for, I suppose. Seriously, this company needs to hire a pro to write a decent manual that includes all the features, functions and capabilities (WITH EXAMPLES). PROS: One-time purchase, Subscription not reqired, Database Relationships, Drag & Drop Interface, Calculations via Triggers CONS: Incomplete user manual and skimpy tutorials, Customizing printed forms is cumbersome, Community Forums are best way to get answers

BEWARE: No Trial Version

This appears to be a good database tool, but beware as the developer does not offer a trial version at their website. I wanted to evaluate this software versus several other options, but had to purchase it in order to do so. After a closer look, I do believe it is a robust piece of software. However, the fact that it provided more features than I needed and also did not allow for signficant design changes to the form entry screens caused me to look for other solutions. Sadly, I’m stuck with this software as the developer/Apple does not offer refunds. Disappointed :-(

The Perfect Balance

I gave Ninox a try five months ago and have found it to be a great personal database. It has powerful features which are easy to access and use. I switched from Filemaker, which is a great product but if your needs aren’t super complex it can be too much work to create a functional database. Thanks Ninox for finding that happy balance between powerful features and ease of use.

Best $35 I've spent in a long time

Before this week, I had been using Excel to keep track of a long list of locations with a bunch of columns, but I finally cracked -- just too much horizontal scrolling in Excel -- and started looking for database soltuions. I had used FileMaker many years ago for a similar project, but I knew that the current version is expensive and almost certainly overkill for what I'm doing. (I just needed the ability to enter data, and to import and export CSV files for use in a web app.) I found Ninox in the App Store from a Google Search and took a chance, and I'm very glad I did. I was up and running in under 30 minutes, without reading instructions. (I eventually did need to read some of the online documentation for a few import/export things, but that was a quick process.) If you're familiar with database schemas, most of the features are pretty clear. I wouldn't say it's for newbies, but you don't need much database expertise to use this, and you don't need SQL experience. Knock on wood, the app has been very stable -- I've had zero crashes, and the CSV files I've imported and exported have worked perfectly. It's also quite speedy on my 2015 MacBookPro running High Sierra. Highly recommended!

Awesome database tool!

I don’t normally write reviews but for this application I have to. I’ve been using it for about 48 hours now and have to say it’s the easiest database tool I’ve ever used. Creating and managing the data is super easy. Searching through the data is even easier. I’m not a “database person” and don’t work with databases every day so for me to get a handle on an application and produce a usable system in 24 hours is remarkable to me. Thanks for all the hard work behind the scene to make this happen.


Is this database program perfect? Of course not! It’s definitely the best I’ve found for iOS & Apple / Mac computers and devices. However, this company has the most amazing customer service and support for their products that I have EVER experienced with any company EVER. I’ve used the desktop app, mobile app and now Ninox Cloud for almost 2 years and every single time I’ve ever had a problem, they respond to me and fix or otherwise address the issue within 48 hours or less (during the business week.) They have been incredibly responsive to suggestions and feedback and are constantly working towards improving their product and increasing the ways in which it can be used to help their customers. While it might take you longer to learn to use it than other products out there, it’s worth the time you’ll spend learning it. It’s also an incredibly good value for what you pay to purchase and use the app. I love this company and they’ve earned my respect and loyalty for years to come! I use this app to track all of the impounds, auctions, sales, client letters vehicles, property owners etc. for my family’s towing business and I need to have access to the information for our business at all times from any device I have on hand. This program meets that need and seemlessly / instantly syncs to the cloud. Now that they’ve added my ability to grant access to other employees within the business through their own apple icloud ID’s, I have exactly what I need to make things run smoothly and use this app the way I need it to work. I strongly recommend it and hope others will give it a chance!

Great performance - a major improvement over Bento

I bought Ninox to replace Apple’s Bento, which was no longer supported and had become worse with every OS upgrade. I did not want to spend a lot of money on database software as my data needs are rather simple. I have been delighted that Ninox has great performance and excellent search features at a reasonable cost and I am very happy with it as a replacement for Bento. In its final stage, Bento could take 30 minutes just to open the database and look at one record. The same task with Ninox takes two minutes or less. So I love Ninox! I am excited about what I will be able to do with Ninox as I work with it more, and as my database needs grow. I have found the documentation to be adequate. Through a combination of experimentation and reading the manual, I have been able to set up everything in Ninox that I previously had in Bento. The instructions and pictures in the Ninox manual are not identical to the Ninox software on my computer, so some extrapolation has been required. I am not a developer, but I have created simple applications with Microsoft Access and with large enterprise databases; and with that background I have been able to achieve my goals with Ninox with only a little effort. So I fully agree that Ninox is an easy-to-use database, and also agree that the documentation could be better. Users who are starting with Ninox as their first database expeirence may need to educate themselves elsewhere about basic database concepts.

Finally - A powerful, easy to use database for MAC’s and iPhones

As a former Bento, then Filemaker, back to Bento, then forced back to Filemaker user, I’ve been looking for an easy to use (like Bento), yet powerful Database that could work on both my MAC and my iPhone. Bento was easy to use but had its limitations. Then Filemaker bought Bento and shuttered it. Filemaker was powerful, but frustratingly complicated and not intuitive - at least to me. Until NINOX there were no real alternatives. Try this app if you are looking for a powerful, multi-platform, and easy to use database. Yes the documentaion is limited but the support is excellent, and the Database itself is pretty intuitive. I give it an A+. Thank you NINOX.

Simple to use

Ninox is great for what I need it for. Super simple and very fast. I have no DB experience and found that the record linking was very easy to learn. Handles images well.

Nice for Inventory

I bought this to create an inventory of my brewing ingredients. I generally don’t read manauls anyway, so I can’t comment on the documentation. It took about an hour to convert the sample inventory system to accommodate my ineeds. When I buy new ingredients, I can easily track cost, supplier, and when the ingredients were purchased. Instead of customers buying from the inventory, I name the beer I’m brewing as the “customer." This way I have a record of the ingredients used, when the beer was brewed, and the cost of ingredients. It automatically subtracts the brewing ingredients used from the inventory. VERY COOL!

Could be great if it had decent documentation

I have used a variety of database programs over the years. Some were quite expensive and powerful while others, inexpensive but still have good features. Ninox seems to hit a good spot from what I have done, but the documentation with it is very poor. I have created views and fields that really do what I want, but I stuck with a form which I cannot update. I have requested some help so we will see that I get from their support organization.

Ninox is phenomenal

Ninox is a phenomenal databasing program that was actually designed for Mac. It was easy to program and, having come from ACT! CRM, has completely changed our business. Not only is it super capable, it was very easy to program. While some additional documentation would be appreciated, the support team was always accessible and assisted us in whatever way they could, including providing example databases. The program itself has been directly ported to iPad and is available on the web with the exact same interface and functionality, and this is unlike any other program that I have found, and a huge selling point. The sync (between a user’s devices as well as multiple users) is also phenomenal as well, and works great. Overall, Ninox is phenomenal. And made for Mac, iOS, and web, with phenomenal syncing and capabilities (including programing).

My first try with Ninox

I’ve been looking for a low cost database application to store home information like wib site information, passwords, contacts, etc. I didn’t want something that stored data on the web but rather on my local hard drive. So far Ninox has been perfect. It is easy to use however, it could use some better documentation. It is somewhat difficult to determine what the various commands are. So far I have only created databases using the import from Excel functionality which works quite well. You can create a database from scratch but I haven’t tried that yet. I have updated to the altest version of Ninox DB and it works great. Love the database. Its quite easy to use but could use some additional documentation. Quite simple to import and CSV file into a database table.

Great Database app if you spend time learning it

This Database has a couple features that will throw you off if you don’t take a couple hours to learn them. For example, setting up your database as cloud based when you create it vs local will give you issues if you’re working on multiple devices and want to access your databases from each device. That being said, I love this app. It helps me stay extremely organized, I’ve got it on my phone as well for access, and I can create or delete any fields I want at whim. It’s a lot like Filemaker Pro, but much more user friendly.

Very good database.

This database has all the tools I need to keep track of motorcycle parts on my various projects. I would like the engineers to add hyperlink capability so I could refer to other docs on my computer.

Exceeds expectations

Wonderful product. I’m amazed at what I was able to accomplish within a few hours. I love the iCloud sync feature and having the data available on iPhone / iPad apps. The product is powerful and flexible without unnecessary complication. Great support. I sent an email with a few questions and received a prompt answer and an offer to schedule time for a consultation. I had a quick screen sharing session with an knowledgeable engineer. Problem solved.

4-5 star for function/value, 3 for very poor documentation/ease of use

I needed a relational database, but not the power (or cost) of FileMaker Pro. Ninox does everything I need, and at a fraction of the price. There is much to love – a ton of useful features. But it is “costly” in terms of effort. I’m not a newbie but it took me some time to wrangle this software because the documentation (English) is so poor. Ease-of-use will depend on your familiarity with databases/spreadsheets/creating formulas as you engage in trial-and-error. Ninox has a useful, proprietary programming language. Complex formulas are possible, but the inadequate documentation makes it hard to know what syntax and functions are available. It’s mostly trial-and-error beyond the basics. But if all you need are basic functions, the drag-and-drop formula builder is great. Form design is quick/easy but not customizable. (No adjusting of grid, spacing, snap-to grid, etc.) Reporting functionality is basic. You can print out the forms in book form, or you can print a table view. You can create a PDF of the table view. You can export as CSV. There are glitches. Example: If you enter 0.5 into a field set as “percentage” it does not convert it properly to 50%. Instead, it simply appends “%” showing “0.5%” This can be a problem in formula design if you aren’t careful. The iCloud sync did not work for me. If the developers made documentation a priority, I think the features and pricing of Ninox would make it a 5-star must-have of those who need a relational database but not the horsepower of FMP.

Ninox Data Base

I am a long time user of FMP howver I need to look for an alternative db and found this Ninox DB to be very useful for small to medium size business, however here a re a few key features of the ninox db Ninox is a simple flat-file database system. Tables -- With Ninox you manage your data in tables that you can browse, filter, sort and group. Data fields -- Ninox offers a variety of data fields, including text, numbers, Yes / No, list, date, time, picture and web address. Relations -- Link tables to each other to represent complex situations. Forms -- For neat enter data, make simple drag-and-drop forms. Find -- The fast full-text search is the very center of Ninox, so you immediately jump to the desired information. Calculations -- As in a spreadsheet to make calculations about individual records, or even entire tables linked tables. Calendar -- All entries with date reference are clearly displayed in the calendar. Diagrams -- Point to a button the current state. Export -- Of course, you can also export your data to further process them with Excel. Roles and rights -- Control exactly who can see or change the data. What i dont like is there is no password protection for the Ninox iPhone, ipdad or Mac desktop version. they only offer it if you buy there Ninox server option. which I feel they should add it to the app versions and desktop version like in FMP. othere than that I still like it that they are supporting iCloud syncing. It wa well worth the price of 34.99 and I have been using it now about year now.


Hands down, the best database I’ve used and I’ve been using db’s since Db Three+ (ancient). Ninox takes the time out of programing and gives it to productivity.I tell all that ask to check out Ninox.

Great database

I used this to replace FMP on both desktop and mobile devices. It is much better.

Poor Documentation leads to wasted time

So far, my experience has been one of frustration. While I’m used to the FM Pro model for relating tables to each other, the methodology used by Ninox is non-intuituve. No biggie if a well-written user manual existed, but no such luck. Heading to YouTube yields a few basic, helpful videos, but not much else. I’ve sent a few support requests and hopefully I’ll hear something soon. But honestly, even if your a database wizard, I suspect you’ll struggle with matters beyond the basics. My hope is that Ninox is capable of automatically displaying related records between tables (without having to make a manual connection for each record). A basic chore for just about any relational databse, but I’m on hold until I hear from Ninox. Too many hours invested at this point.

Good database, not-so-good documentation

I’d give this app five stars if it was documented properly. It is a capable, general-purpose database. It won’t do real heavy lifting (like FileMaker Pro), but it will handle the needs of most small-to-medium size businesses. Its only real problem is a lack of proper documentation, which gives the impression that the developer is good at programming, but not really up to professional standards, as far as documentation goes. I have used relational databases for years, from dBase 3 to SQL Server, and I am pretty comfortable creating and maintaining databases. I am finding myself able to learn the app, but it is taking me about a week of evenings just to figure out how the app does things. And that’s a shame, because once I figure out an area of the app, I do like their approach. So, I can only recommend this ap on a qualified basis. Those unfamiliar with relational databases will probably have a tough time figuring out how to use this app, and even old SQL hands are likely to invest more time than they would like learning it.

Supscription after purchase????

I purchased this software for my Mac and iPad, then downloaded the iphone version for free. So far, all my data syncs across all my devices . However, I see that when I registered to add my email, I see there is a 30 days trial . Does this mean that after the 30 days, my data will no longer sync across my devices because I certainly DO NOT want to subscribe at all. Please educate me on how rthis works. Thanks

Simple, Handy and Sync Across Platforms Works Well

Ninox works very well for me. I use it to organize my hobbies and personal life, so I appreciate it for the simplicity of creating databases and tables. While perhaps not as powerful as FileMaker, Ninox is priced more to my level of use. Unlike other database applications that I have tried, Ninox syncs quickly and dependably across all my OS-X and iOS platforms. Other reviewers have commented how the Ninox team is constantly improving the app, and I note that as well. I will rate Ninox a fifth star when the team incorporates an ability to password protect a database.

Very capable and handy

I am a long-time FileMaker user who found that FM was moving in a direction far away from my needs and budget. I have a very complicated database that I use to run my business, and I am exploring Ninox as a simpler replacement for the FM database. So far I have been impressed with the implementation. Data entry and schema manipulation are very easy. UPDATE: I'm upgrading this to 5 stars, not because it has all the features I want/need, but because the team is constantly adding useful features. I have now committed to moving to Ninox from Filemaker. I want to vote in favor of some scripting ability (Applescript is nasty - maybe Javascript?) or command line interface to allow some automation. One nice feature of this database is that its basic spreadsheet-like presentation allows one to focus on data and not be distracted by an application-building interface such as provided by the more general FMP.

Not ready for prime time.

I am an experienced user of relational databases. Yet Ninox was frustratingly confusing to me, primarily, as it turns out, because it hides its limitation behind happy talk about simplicity. The support was great until I sent them a screen shot of nested tables that their interface offers to the unwary user as a means to populate a many-to-many database. There appears to be no elegant way to table-hop, via portals or otherwise. I think the concept of a low cost alternative to Filemaker is appealing. Bento (from Filemaker) was not really powerful enough (not relational) and was dropped. Ninox is relational and could be powerful but the interface makes it unusable. I juat hope my $35 investment will pay off someday, but I doubt the company will admit to the defects and fix them before they go belly up. You’re better off with a dedciated database for a specific need. Or, if you want to create your own, try to get an educational discount on Filemaker, and then resist the optional yearly upgrade fees that they extract from the professional users. Then read up on using a join table for many-to-many relationships with related fields elegantly displayed in a portal on your custom layout. You will be very happy with that. You will not be happy with trying to do that in Ninox – because you can’t.

Great App

This database was perfect for what I was looking for, and since I bought it I found many other uses for it. It is very flexible, and has a lot of features. You can make a simple database with one table, and you can make more complex databases with linked tables. I am very happy with this app.

GREAT! Finally somebody made a useable database interface

This is tremendously useful. As a linguist, teacher, and programmer and general enthusiast of organized data, this thing rules! You can definitely use this for studies (dissertations, data collection). So far I have created a database of American Literature, mountains that I have climbed, and I am looking forward to some lingual data collection soon. Strongly recommend buying this—even if you don’t use it—to support the developer and the good cause. And you get FREE UPDATES! AppleScript support would be cool. Or maybe some command line interface. I’d like to be able to write scripts to export stuff to LaTeX. Currently I export to Excel and then use its AppleScript interface.

The Best in the Industry

Have been using Ninox for about 8 months now and continue to be very impressed. Excellent product with Best In Class support. More than just a database, Ninox is a full-blown development platform capable of supporting enterprise applications. Used Ninox v1 to build a HR Managment ERP for a $30 million program within the largest electrical power supplier in the U.S. and Ninox was more than capable. Was eagerly awaiting v2 and I’m not disappointed. The new features that have been added (thank you for the self-correcting functions) shows me that the Ninox team has been listening to their user community. Taking the price completely out of the equation, Ninox is the best database / wireframing / rapid prototyping / development platform that I’ve seen since Paradox twenty years ago. And at the price they charge, the value proposition and return on investment is enormous. Only giving it five stars because I can’t give it six.

Not a User Friendly replacement for Bento

Bought this as a replacement for Bento, which I used to tracking many items, like restaurants, books, information on crafters and vendors for a fair I run. Bento was very intuitive. Imported my bento information, but can not sort it as I want, nor can I create “collections”, subsets of the data. Ninox is presented as being easy to use, however, I can not figure it out, and my husband who is a computer programmer with over 40 years experience, can not create the simple subsets I could in Bento in a few clicks. Defintely sorry I spent the money on this. It is not easy to use, it is not pretty. Wasted my $35.

Capable, polished, yet simple-to-use database solution

This is a fantastic solution for individuals, small teams, and small businesses looking for a capable database solution. The developers keep it simple but the app hides a great deal of polish, care, and functionality at a much reduced cost & complexity compared to a solution such as Filemaker. A few pointers: --------------- - ease of use: remarkably easy to learn and use. No complex preferences, no nested stupid modal dialogs (windows apps & access I am looking your way). Building tables and establishing relationships between tables is a breeze. Granted I am someone with considerable experience in databases, but anyone can learn and use this app without much sweat. Learning curve is not steep at all. Compare that to Filemaker, or to sqlite, mysql, and postgresql that require you to write your own code. - capability: for most data models and straighforward use cases (inventory, contacts, projects, structured note-taking, info cards for a book, ..), this app will be sufficient. - interface: this is one of the biggest strengths of the app. It handles automatic form layouts (with attractive UI) based on a table rather gracefully. Again, I know other apps where the form layout (even the simple ones) takes more time than database design. Ninox keeps it simple, and that is perfectly sufficient 99 % of the time. - sync: icloud sync is free and reliable, it is available to any Apple customer; I've been using it without any problem for a week with multiple databases that I created on my Mac; access & edit from iphone has been smooth - multiple users & web solution: when you need to have multiple users accessing a database app and when you need to have a web solution; I think the price is reasonable for such functionality; haven't tested it but I seriously condier buying it given how good the app is Some suggestions & requests: ------------------------------- - better user manual & documentation: it is just adequate right now; the query language, filtering functions, etc require better documentation and more examples - explain how the app handles sync problems: edges cases are inevitable with icloud sync since Apple's icloud sync is still not a super reliable set of APIs. Please provide more documentation on how you solve the edge cases and make sure that icloud sync is reliable. It is important for users like me before investing more time and money into your database solutions.

the best I have found yet.

I work with dBase files (dbf). Ninox is very good, but I wish i didn’t have to use csv to import. Can you make it so it will open dbf adn dbt (memo field) files natively?

I don’t normally write reviews but I had to...

On a tight deadline, I needed to do some significant processing and create complicated relational tables for a project. It could have been done in Excel (with a lot of work), but Excel wouldn’t handle the 60,000 records in our data. I was very close to buying Parallels, Windows, and Microsoft Access (which I’ve not used in a decade) when I found Ninox. With some significant skepticism, I bought it (the price is fantastic). I just didn’t think a program at this price point would do what I needed. Boy was I wrong. It handled all 60,000 records without even breaking a sweat. I took a couple of hours to kind of figure out how the app was setup and how to do what I needed, but all things considered, that was no-time. I ran into a snag (due to my very dated DB knowledge and posted a comment on their support blog. I had an answer (a custom video for me, showing exactly what I needed to do differently) in a couple of hours. I had another “new user” question and got a similarly quick response. There’s a lot of power here for the price. The one thing that could be improved is the online help. It’s got all the basics, but required some “reading between the lines” to figure things out. Thankfully the responsive support more than made up for this minor shortcoming. Thanks Ninox people...

Basic at Best

This is made for the beginner and at home lists you would like to save. Just to name a couple of basic drawbacks: No built in way to protect againt duplicate data records. An absolute requirement when dealing with data! You can set fields to “Required” but then just tab right out of the field with no data entered. Kind of defeats the purpose of a “Required” attribute! Wish I could get my $$ back. Update: Downloaded the newest release, CRASH ON LOAD!!! Downgraded my review to 1 star. I’m on OSX 10.9.5

Basically good but sharing is expensive

Ninox has improved over the past couple of versions and I retract my previous negative comment but some facts remain. There are still some funky interface issues which make navigation and database creation harder than it should be. I’m also concerned that there is a lack of stated commitment to iCloud syncing from the developers. There is a long list of ambitious developers in other fields who have yanked iCloud syncing in favor of thier own, often inferior, syncing platforms (at a cost). Day One is just one of many examples. Then there is the matter of buying sync on Ninox cloud which is not nearly as secure as iCloud but still costs US$100/year. This is very expensive for a solution which is unproven and no apparant emphasis has been made to enhance security. I support the developers efforts to grow their business but the security of my data is paramount and to pay such a steep price for syncing when there is no track record of security is disturbing.

An easy to use database

I do not need a full featured database, so this fits my needs just fine. It is easy to use and intuitive. There are many more features that I have not used.

Latest version freezes on new database create

Can’t create new database

Another sync server!!

It is only a matter of time before iCloud sync is no longer supported. I bought this app mainly because of iCloud sync support, now it is time to look for an alternative.

For a 5 star ratin by me, one more thing

I like Ninox a lot, but for me, if Ninox had “auto complete text while typing” like Bento, that would make this 5 STAR rating!!

Effectve and Stable Database Solution

I am a small business owner providing services for a large number of clients. I’ve been using Ninox for about six months. I was able to create a custom solution for my rather complex database needs in just a few days. Ninox has been very effective at handling all of my client records and providing basic calendar scheduling. I had no trouble at all importing data from my previous database. Ninox has been stable and accessing data is fast. I use the desktop version at the office and data syncs flawlessly with my iphone when I’m in the field. The developer provides good instruction and informational resources.

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